This service will provide clients with a review platform where Write My Manual will review and comment on a main contractor authored manual.

An initial consultation with the project team will establish the scope of works; Write My Manual will then provide feedback and information to the Main Contractor / Coordination Company in order to fulfil the requirements needed to complete the O&M manual. 

Write My Manual offer the following services to the construction industry:

Review My Manual
Organise My Manual

This Is service provides clients with a fully authored manual Including scope of works, manufacturers literature, operation of elements, maintenance of elements, spare parts, service agreements, warranties and record drawings.

With this service communication will be made with the project team, designers and commercial managers to establish template, review periods and Identification of client needs. All authoring, coordination and client facing aspects of the manual will be covered within this service.

Write My Manual

This service is predominately created for main contractors and multi-disciplined building contractors.

Write My Manual will provide a document control service coordinating all subcontract trades within the project to supply manual Information to allow a complete building O&M manual / Health & Safety File. All Information will be controlled and chased by Write My Manual to enable project completion.